The basic qualification required for M.Sc.(IT) is 3-year Graduation with 50% marks with one of the following subjects: Computer Science/ I.T /Computer Application or equivalent subject.

Course Outline
1st Year
  1. MS-111 Information Technology
  2. MS-112 Programming In C
  3. MS-113 Comp. Organization And Architecture
  4. MS-114 Mathematical Foundation Of Computer Sci.
  5. MS-115 Operating System
  6. MS-116 Programming Lab-I
  1. MS-121 Object Oriented Prog. Using C++
  2. MS-122 Data & File Structures
  3. MS-123 Visual Basic
  4. MS-124 RDBMS Oracle
  5. MS-125 Programming Lab- II
  6. MS-126 Programming Lab- III
2nd Year
  1. MS-211 Web Technology
  2. MS-212 Java Programming
  3. MS-213 Software Engineering
  4. MS-214 Computer Networks
  5. MS-215 Programming Lab-IV
  6. MS-216 Programming Lab-V
  1. MS-221 Computer Graphics
  2. MS-222 Modern Information System
  3. MS-223 Linux Administration
  4. MS-224 Artificial Intelligence
  5. MS-225 Programming Lab-VI
  6. MS-226 PProgramming Lab-VII