Admission is made on the basis of merit, subject to the fulfillment of the following conditions:-

  1. The candidate must have passed +2 examination of Punjab School Education Board or any other board.
  2. The candidate must have cleared Punjabi subject at 10th level or he/ she is liable to clear the subject during three years of the course.

Course Outline
1st Year
  1. BCA-111 General English –I
  2. BCA-112 Punjabi (Compulsory)
  3. BCA-113 Fundamentals of Information Tech.
  4. BCA-114 Programming Fundamentals Using C
  5. BCA-115 Software Lab –I (Windows and Office Automation)
  6. BCA-116 Software Lab – II (Based on paper BCA-114)
  1. BCA-121 General English –II
  2. BCA-122 Punjabi (Compulsory)
  3. BCA-123 Digital Electronics
  4. BCA-124 Data Structure /li>
  5. BCA-125 Basic Mathematics /li>
  6. BCA-126 Software Lab –III
2nd Year
  1. BCA-211 English Communication Skills -I
  2. BCA-212 Discrete Mathematics
  3. BCA-213 Computer System Organization and Architecture
  4. BCA-214 Object Oriented Programming Using C++
  5. BCA-215 Fundamentals of DBMS
  6. BCA-216 Software Lab –IV
  7. BCA-217 Software Lab –V
  8. BCA-218 Punjabi
  1. BCA-221 English Communication Skills –II
  2. BCA-222 Computer Networks
  3. BCA-223 Management Information System
  4. BCA-224 Computer Oriented SM
  5. BCA-225 Relational Database MS with Oracle
  6. BCA-226 Software Lab –VII
  7. BCA-227 Software Lab –VIII
  8. BCA-228 EVS
  9. BCA-229 Punjabi
3rd Year
  1. BCA-311 English Literary Skills –I
  2. BCA-312 System Analysis and Design
  3. BCA-313 System Software
  4. BCA-314 Java Programming
  5. BCA-315 Web Designing using HTML and DHTML
  6. BCA-316 Software Lab –IX
  7. BCA-317 Software Lab –X
  1. BCA-321 English Literary Skills –II
  2. BCA-322 E-Commerce
  3. BCA-323 Operating System
  4. BCA-324 Software Engineering
  5. BCA-325 Web Designing using ASP.NET
  6. BCA-326 Software Lab – XI
  7. BCA-327 Software Lab –XII